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Hello Friends,

As we reach the last few hours of Miracle Marathon, I wanted to share a tv interview we did with the kids, where their words were eloquent and insightful beyond their years (link above). I am also sharing a letter wrote in the middle of the night last night for Miracle Marathon. Co-host Carole from The Dave and Carol show just read it beautifully, through tears, on the WKLH 96.5. I don’t know how she and Dave do what they do, but what an impact they are making. Here is the letter:

Hello Dave & Carol,


I woke up with a burning desire to say more, to do more … even after our on-air interview. So here I am, writing to you at 3:45 a.m!


We talked a lot about how wonderful Children’s Hospital is, but we left out an important and unique element; the caregivers themselves. One can read the statistics and know they will receive state-of-the art medical care at Children’s, but it is the staff there that will remain in your hearts forever.


Having spent so much time at the hospital over Lulu’s 2.5 year treatment for leukemia, we became very close with many of our caregivers like Dr. Towers, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Kelly, and Dr. C. and the nurses there, who live with you in the trenches every day, like Bonnie, Linda, Lauren, Leann, Sal, Kim, Deb, Becki and so many others … Not only do they care for you as they would their own family, they LOVE YOUR CHILD … even at the risk to their own hearts. It’s not an easy business working on the H.O.T. unit, or in the MACC Clinic, where tragically, not all of your patients make it. We spent enough time there to lose friends, amazing children like Bo Johnson who has forever touched Lulu’s and our heart, Jack Bartosz, Corey Batz, and most recently, Superman Sam. It takes an exceptional person to work with these kids and families EVERY SINGLE DAY with love, and Children’s has an abundance of exceptional caregivers.


There were many times when we didn’t know if Lulu would make it. Children’s Hospital literally saved her life on at least 3 occasions. First, when she was diagnosed with leukemia and placed on a 2.5 year intense protocol. The second time was when her appendix burst during treatment, adding major complications, surgeries and months in the H.O.T. Unit, and the third, when she had an allergic reaction to a chemotherapy drug (peg-asparaginase) and went into anaphylactic shock. We never forget how lucky we are to have our beautiful Lulu with us, so full of life, light and love.


We are humbled by our experience at Children’s Hospital and will never stop fighting for all the children that have lost their battle with cancer. We try to live and teach our children that if you have the ability to help someone, you have the obligation to do so. Having sympathy and empathy in hearing someone’s story simply isn’t enough. We must ACT. It is only through action that change is made. So PLEASE, those of you listening today, take action by picking up the phone, or making a donation online to Children’s Hospital. You can save a child’s life by taking action right now, today.


With love and gratitude,


a.l.l of us


If you wish to donate, please call 414-337-9554 or visit http://fox6now.com/2014/05/22/find-out-how-you-can-help-childrens-hospital-of-wisconsin/


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  1. Linda

     /  May 23, 2014

    I was driving in the car today with my oldest and my youngest son and said, “hey lets turn on the radio and listen in on the Children’s Miracle Marathon” Literally the first thing that we heard was Carol introducing your email and reading it! Thanks for adding these kind words. It was such a joy to see Lulu yesterday, vibrant and full of health and enthusiasim. When I got home it occured to me how odd it was to hear Lulu say she was hungry. Such a normal thing for healthy kids to say, but something I don’t think I ever heard her say when she was on HOT for all those months. I am very thankful to have met you and your family and to have been a small part of taking care of Lulu. Thanks for giving back so much and for raising two beautiful and wonderful kids. Parenting is such a difficult task. You and Jimmy are doing it beautifully.

    Love, Linda

    • Linda, that’s incredible! So glad you got to hear it, especially with your boys :-). I’m so glad we were able to thank some of you who meant so much to us in so many ways … Hugs and love to you always!
      T (and Lulu especially)


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