A Little Bit Of Courage

Hello Friends,

Jul 19, 2014 1:05 PM
Hello Friends,

I know firsthand, from writing about our journey so publicly, that it’s not always easy to press that ENTER button… There have been many times I’ve hesitated and wondered if I should share so much, so candidly. Yet, I felt in being vulnerable and opening a window to our journey, others might share in the lessons, or learn from our story without actually having to live it. I also feel that if we were all a bit more honest and open with each other about our lives (the good, bad and ugly), we would all be much more connected. — and that wouldn’t suck!

Recently, my husband decided to take his own personal story and share it in a public way. I know the courage it took for him to do so, and I am extremely proud of him for it.

Here is his story. Please watch, share and act if you are so moved.

Thank you. Oh, and Lulu just had her 4-month post treatment checkup and is doing wonderfully! We are grateful every single day :-D.


A.l.l. Of Us