Quick update



Hello Friends,

Just a quick update to let you know all went well with the Immunoglobulin transfusion!  Besides a horrific tantrum that came out of nowhere (caused by combo of bad reaction to benadryl and steroids), she got through it beautifully.  Praying for no long-term effects.   She’s bounced back remarkably, as only a child can, and the fevers have subsided for now.  She was even able to take a few minutes to play in the snow Valentine’s Day.  Notice the heart around her?  I feel it is a good sign of things to come, as well as a symbol of the love that surrounds her by all of you, our friends and family.  

We are going to keep her in a bubble, or bubble-wrap, or flea-dip her in antibacterial gel for the next 3 weeks, but  WE CAN DO THIS!!! 

Much love, 

a.l.l. of us

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  1. Or (Angel Wings). In the arms of an Angel!! Healing prayers, Love and Light surrounds her!


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