Ten Thousand Tiny Things


Hello Friends,

As a light departure from my usual posts, I’m sharing a little poem inspired by my recent walk into Lulu’s room:

Ten Thousand Tiny Things

The overwhelm is palpable,

They’re scattered on the floor

Forming hills and valleys

Flowing out the door.

A golden wig traps teeny hangers,

a sword and dolly’s shoe.

They must belong to something

… If I only had a clue.

Volumes of artwork, colored pens

My head is beyond rattled.

Jewels and glitter scattered so far

Our cat is now bedazzled.

I sit crossed legged, overcome

As I decide its fate;

A bulldozer, a wrecking crew

Start with a garden rake?

A place for all and all in place

A phrase not near and dear …

For this little girl need say goodbye

to at least one thing per year!

But here we are, inundated

Inside her rainbow room.

There’s no escaping minute particles

Now lit up by the moon.

So we will live amongst the clutter of

Ten Thousand Tiny Things

Until the day our little girl

Gives to it some wings.


T. Marie